FreeBSD 5.2 RELEASE Due 2 Dec

read the new FreeBSD release schedule today and learned FreeBSD 5.2 is due 2 Dec 03, with FreeBSD 5.3 scheduled for 29 Mar 04. FreeBSD 5.2 will still be a "new technology" release, and 5.3 will be the first released to be considered "stable." Currently, FreeBSD 4.9 is the newest "stable" release.

I also learned that Robert Watson, one of the brains behind FreeBSD, has posted a Web-browsable interface to BSD and Linux source code. Do you want to see sys/net/bpf_filter.c? Look here for FreeBSD 5.1 or here for FreeBSD 4.9.

Here's if_wi.c, the driver for Prism wireless cards. According to this post it has had problems due to bugs in the card's firmware. Here's a how-to for flashing Prism cards; more info here. Those with Orinoco cards can find firmware here.

Are you interested in knowing the status of ports in FreeBSD? Visit Mark Linimon's Package building logs and errors for the bento cluster. You can get all sorts of reports such as querying for one port of interest, like bro or nmap.

Update: This reports a 16 Dec release for 5.2.

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