Tuesday, November 11, 2003

More BSD Stuff

I found a new FreeBSD-based bootable CD-ROM firewall called NetBoz. I haven't tried it yet, but someone put a lot of thought into the logo!

I'm often asked why I like FreeBSD. I think the FreeBSD's ports tree is the best of the three BSD's, with over 9000 applications available. FreeBSD offers the FreshPorts site to track updates and changes to ports. OpenBSD has http://ports.puffy.nu/, openbsd.hstd.net and bsdcoders.org. This post puts the OpenBSD port count at over 2000 as of May 2003. OpenBSD's "higher standards" keeps the count down compared to FreeBSD. NetBSD offers over 3000 packages and a new Web interface to them.

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