Stephen Northcutt Hints at New 2004 SANS Courses

I received an email from Stephen Northcutt discussing various SANS initiatives. I found the last paragraph interesting. As this was a mass-mailing I'd like to share what he said:

"We do have other tracks in development if the writers and researchers stay on track in the second half of 04 we hope to complete a track on content and email security and a six day legal track designed primarily for attorneys. We have an advanced windows operations and advanced windows audit track in the works. On the unix side of the house we are
working on a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl course designed to help you field and maintain a secure working Internet ecommerce presence. Finally, we have started development on Oracle security. Creating a six day track is a huge amount of work, if you are an expert in any of these topics, there may be a spot for you on the development team. If you think you might be interested, drop me a line,

Warm Regards,
Stephen Northcutt"

SANS already has 12 tracks and it's good to see they are considering others.


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