Monday, November 03, 2003

I read today on Slashdot that Red Hat will discontinue maintenance and errata support for all versions of Red Hat Linux through 9.0 by 30 April 2004, and produce no other products in that line. Everyone looking for a "free" version of "Red Hat" will have to check out their Fedora Project as Red Hat now focuses on its Red Hat Enterprise Linux line.

Those wishing to try the "Fedora Core" are directed to a download page mentioning the Red Hat beta OS severn. Looking at the Fedora release schedule, the Fedora offering is called cambridge and was due today. It has been delayed and will be released "as soon as possible."

I haven't yet seen a "Red Hat is Dead" post like the "BSD is dead" posts left by Slashdot trolls, so I made the observation myself.

NewsForge has more details on this story. I found their mention of the 10 major Linux distros at Distrowatch interesting. How can anyone say the BSD world is fragmented when there are 10 "major" Linux distros?

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