Scott Granneman on Security Blogs

Scott Granneman who wrote "Blogs: Another Tool in the Security Pro's Toolkit" parts one and two. He mentions my blog in the second article, saying he likes it but wishes I had an RSS feed. That sent me scrambling to read his first article again, and experiment with setting up this at BlogStreet:

This seems to work using this old but free HoverNews news aggregator, but it looks like it builds off archives -- which I do monthly, not weekly, and is still too slow for daily updates. I've thought about upgrading to Blogger Pro which offers native RSS feeds and visitation stats, but they've been "retooling" for weeks now. So, consider RSS an experiment which will be resolved when I upgrade to Blogger Pro! And, thanks for the mention Scott! Update: A much better free newsreader appears to be Feedreader. Other sites which aggregate RSS feeds include and


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