Friday, August 22, 2003

Review of The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Ed Posted finally posted my five star review of The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Ed.. Currently it appears on my personal reviews site but I expect to see it on the book's individual page soon. From the review:

"Before reading Greg Lehey's "The Complete FreeBSD, 4th Ed" (TCF:4E), I reviewed Michael Lucas' excellent "Absolute BSD" (a FreeBSD book) in Feb 03. I can't say which book is better, and I recommend you buy Lucas' book as well as this one. TCF:4E remains for me the FreeBSD user's manual; any serious FreeBSD user will have it on his or her shelf. The two books complement each other, as Lucas is often more direct in his explanations."

I submitted my five star review of Michael Lucas' Absolute OpenBSD last night. We'll see how long it takes to appear!

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