Reviews of Absolute OpenBSD, Protect Your Information with Intrusion Detection Posted just posted my five star review of Absolute OpenBSD. I thought this was a great book. No one else has written a general-purpose OpenBSD system administration guide. I used the book to get my first familiarity with OpenBSD. Michael is working on a book for NetBSD now called Absolute NetBSD. From the review:

"The bottom line is this: Michael Lucas knows what to write to help system administrators get the job done. I wish other authors did the same. I'd love to see Lucas or another "No Starch" author write "Absolute Cisco Routers," followed by "Absolute Cisco Switches." Any takers?"

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by Protect Your Information with Intrusion Detection and gave it three stars. From the review:

"It was my fault that I bought this book. I should have been tipped off by the odd choice of "key points" on the cover: "describing firewalls, indicating security policy violations, analyzing the information sources, improving the IDS security level." These sound awkward, and PYIWID follows that theme throughout. I give it three stars because the author did a lot of working bringing disparate sources of information together in this single volume, but he did not present it coherently. "


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