Visualization Software for Snort Alerts

I haven't tried this yet, but called Scanmap3d is available to visually depict Snort alerts. The military has been interested in this sort of technology for years, which gave birth to Silent Runner. IF Scanmap3d displays alerts, that's interesting. I wonder if it could be adapted to display session data, perhaps from Argus? According to this May 03 press released, Silent Runner received a patent for their technology:

"The U.S. Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent #6,549,208 for SilentRunner’s technology architecture that enables digital data input from external sensors for visual analysis, correlation and display with data derived from four major software groups: Virus Computer Code Detection; Analysis of Computer Source and Executable Code; Dynamic Monitoring of Data Communication Networks; and 3-D Visualization and Animation of Data. "

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