IOS Updates

Last month I posted that I bought Cisco gear from a reseller in Virginia. I bought new gear with software licenses, and got a SmartNet contract so I have legitimate access to IOS updates. I had read of problems with licensing if I bought used gear through eBay. Well, Slashdot is discussing this Infoworld article on that very subject. From the article:

"I made the mistake of showing a visiting Cisco rep the 2611 router I’d purchased on eBay for $1,200,” says Mark Payton, director of IT at the Vermont Academy, a school in Saxtons River, Vt. “Not only are they asking me to pay to relicense the software, but they are expecting me to get a one-year SmartNet maintenance agreement and to pay an inspection fee.” Although Cisco is only asking Payton for slightly more than $300 each for the software relicensing and the SmartNet agreement, the inspection fee alone is more than $850. Payton is still negotiating with Cisco. “If my sales rep can’t get some of those costs waived, the total cost to me for the 2611 router is over $2,700. Brand new through CDW without my additional discounts, I could get this same unit today with one year of SmartNet for $2,300.”


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