Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Someone Likes This Blog

I just received an email from an editor at IT Security saying "Congratulations, you have been included in's list of the top 59 most influential security experts of 2007." I guess I didn't upset the person who originally emailed me about his proposed choices asking me to comment on the names listed. In my reply I said I was not comfortable participating in the creation of such a list, but it appears I am still included anyway -- mainly for this blog:

Richard Bejtlich, President and CEO of TaoSecurity, has written several books on network security, including specific topics like internal network intrusion and digital forensics. In his book, “Hacking Exposed,” Bejtlich was the first to publish the term “network security monitoring.” He blogs about network security, naturally, with a penchant for including all the code and computer feedback, which transforms his blog posts into helpful how-to guides.

That's a nice write-up, although a four-page case study in Hacking Exposed, 4th Ed hardly qualifies it as "my book." I did popularize the term NSM but it's based on Todd Heberlein's Network Security Monitor paper/code that became the Air Force's ASIM sensor.

In any case, thanks for the mention. Welcome new readers. :)

Update: Another list, by someone in the scene. Thanks for the mention. :) The definitive discussion on this topic appears at Matasano.


seanmac1904 said...

I like this blog

I have the book (Tao)

I would buy the t-shirt and coffee cup if there was one :)



Kenneth F. Belva said...

Hi Richard,

I received the email too.

Alas I didn't open it because I didn't know the sender and I was suspicious that the site might install spyware.


Ted Demopoulos said...

I wouldn't want to be on any list that would include me as a member. Security Risk :)