Thursday, March 01, 2007

Printing to Lexmark from Ubuntu

I'm pleased to report I was able to use the printer configuration menu in Ubuntu to print to the Lexmark C530dn shared via SMB on a Windows XP SP2 host. All I needed to do was install the C520 CUPS driver and I was able to print a .pdf launched from within a Gmail attachment. I'm very pleased, but I don't think this setup supports dual-sided printing.


Parth said...

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Timothy said...

The printer networks, though.
Why do SMB?
You can just do CUPS straight to the printer.
If the printer does duplexing, the ubuntu driver should support it.

Richard Bejtlich said...

The printer has a network port. However, it's in my wife's office. She gets connectivity via 802.11g. I don't have an extra wireless bridge to connect to the printer. So, I connect the printer to her PC using USB and I share the printer with SMB.

b6300 said...

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