Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ShmooCon Talk

If you're attending ShmooCon this weekend you may have seen I am scheduled to speak at the same time as security ninjas Joe Stewart and Billy Hoffman. It's bad enough that people have to choose between Joe and Billy, my involvement as a third talk aside.

Joe and I asked the ShmooCon organizers if it might be possible to switch me to another slot, since I would like to see Joe's talk too. Based on feedback from many of you, you also want to see Joe's talk. Unfortunately, the ShmooCon organizers did not find a way to change the schedule.

This is really bad because Billy is releasing Jikto at ShmooCon, so choosing between Joe and Billy is another lousy decision.

Given the feedback from you I've heard, I'm considering my options. They are:

  1. Talk at 1300 as scheduled.

  2. Give up my slot and volunteer to speak at 1200 Saturday during lunch.

  3. Give up my slot and volunteer to speak after the keynote Friday night.

  4. Other ideas?

What are your thoughts on this? Is it worth making waves in order to deal with this situation? Thank you.

Update: Thanks for your public and private feedback. I'll just appear at my talk and make the best of it!


Landon Lewis said...

Are the other two topics going to be recorded so you could review them later?

dre said...

one vote for hoffman

Anonymous said...

if you were willing to 'submit' a topic for inclusion in the conference you have a responsibility to present it when it's scheduled... IMHO

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous it would be very un-professional to back-out after being accepted especially if its just so you could attend someone else's talk, not to mention the short notice. Just plunge ahead those who want to be there will be there.