Saturday, March 31, 2007

Help Johnny Long Go to Uganda

Long-time readers of my blog know I severely limit the number of non-technical stories I write here. I've probably written less than a dozen in over four years. This one definitely deserves to be posted, however.

I shook hands with Johnny Long at ShmooCon last week, but we didn't get a chance to chat. If you don't know Johnny Long, you haven't paid attention to the scene during the last few years! In short, Johnny invented Google hacking, and he's one of the nicest guys you could meet at a security conference.

Today I received an email from Johnny stating that he and his wife Jen are flying to Uganda in May to do missionary work. He's working for AIDS Orphans Education Trust. In his usual low-key manner, he's asking for help. He didn't specifically ask people outside of his email addressees to help, but I figure there are a lot of people who could contribute a few dollars to help defray the costs he and his wife must bear to fly and live in Uganda.

His trip is going to cost $4200 and I can guarantee not a penny will be wasted. How often do you get a chance to personally assist someone you know? Johnny has decided to crawl out of his digital shell and try to make a difference in the real world. If you want to join me in helping Johnny and his wife, send a contribution via PayPal to johnny [at] ihackstuff [dot] com.

Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Richard, thanks for the heads up in posting this peice of new (and yes, I will be heading over to PayPal after this is posted).

See you at AusCert in May.


Mark said...

A very worthy cause and a great guy! My donation is in the works :)

Aditya K Sood said...

Well thats really great.I reaaly want to help but i am not earning right now.

But still my best wishes for him and nice work Sir.