Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blogging from ShmooCon Hack or Halo

So much from my lousy camera phone. That's my best attempt to show Sguil monitoring traffic at the ShmooCon Hack or Halo contest. I plan to share the network traffic from the hacking contest when I get the opportunity. Thanks to WXS and the ShmooCon crew for letting my attach a sensor to the network.


Zach said...

A lousy photo's better than no photo at all (in this case, anyway). Here's to wishing *I* could be there! Cheers.

Göran said...

Please do share the traffic capture. Thanks!

Jordan said...


I've got a better picture of your screen on my camera I'll send to you. Thanks for sniffing traffic.

-Jordan (HoH minion)

Anonymous said...

hey thats my laptop on the left ..

shmoogroup plans on posting vm's from the hack too.. it was fun!