Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Security Bloggers Network

I noticed security ninja and fellow former Foundstoner Mark Curphey mentioned me in a post on his departure from the Security Bloggers Network. You may wonder why I never joined SBN. When I was asked to join in December, I politely declined. I saw no benefit to myself or my readers to joining some kind of meta-feed hosted by Feedburner. Not joining SBN was probably as popular as my personal LinkedIn policy since it means I exercise some discretion regarding the parties with whom I associate.

My personal version of SBN is my Bloglines subscription. Anything I care to read is there. I probably only pay attention to 2/3 to 3/4 of the feeds on that list, so in some cases the lesser-noticed feeds are acting like bookmarks. (In other words, some of my friends may have blogs but I don't necessarily care that they trimmed their cat's toenails last weekend.)

I think it's healthy to have discussions about the state of our "security community." Debate is one of the features of a vibrant community. If no one read this blog I would still use it mainly as a way to record how I build or configure systems, or how I think about certain issues. (Prior to writing any book or major article I review my blog posts to refresh my memory on certain issues.) If you find such content helpful, great! If not, no problem!

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