Monday, March 19, 2007

Bejtlich Teaching in Krakow, Poland at CONFidence 2007

I'm happy to announce I will be speaking on the Self-Defeating Network on Sunday 13 May 2007 in Krakow, Poland at CONFidence 2007. I am looking forward to speaking at a conference where no one else thinks my name is especially odd or difficult to pronounce! (Bejtlich is an Eastern European name with roots in present-day Poland, Germany, and probably the Czech Republic.) Please register while the lower rates are still in effect. Thank you.


Leandro Bennaton said...

Congratulations! If you record the presentation please publish into your blog. I would like to see it.

Leandro Bennaton,

JimmytheGeek said...

Baltimore 5/7/07
Krakow 5/13/07
'stralia 5/23/07

Ok, the first one is a gimmie, but it serves as a starting point. You are the god of Frequent Flyer Miles and patron saint of jet lag.

I am deeply neenered by your security rock star lifestyle. Have a good set of trips! I'll be lucky to get to Vancouver, B.C., from Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

your name is very unfamiliar for my Czech ears. The "-ich" (or "-ík" in Czech) is quite common but "bejtl-" is strange. OTOH, you can found many Bajtliks in Poland! Unfortunately I have no clue what "Bajtlik" means, ask Joanna :-)