Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Teaching Possibilities in Australia

I've been invited to speak at the AusCERT Asia Pacific Information Technology Security Conference in Gold Coast, Australia. The conference takes place Sunday 20 May - Friday 25 May 2007.

I haven't decided if I will accept yet. I'd like to know if any TaoSecurity Blog readers in Australia, New Zealand, or nearby areas would be interested in attending a two (or maybe more) day class either directly before or after my presentation date (which is unknown right now).

I would need a location to host the training, in exchange for which I would provide two free seats for the hosting organization.

Is anyone interested in attending and/or hosting such a class? Please email training [at] taosecurity.com. I have to accept or decline the AusCERT invitation next week.

I am open to suggestions regarding the location of the class (if the Gold Coast is too remote) and the content of the class (Network Security Operations, TCP/IP Weapons School, etc.). Sydney is a possibility since I will fly through SYD on my way to and from BNE. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'm a New Zealand based security consultant and am planning to attend AusCERT, hopefully with a few of the other guys from my team. I'd be very interested in a two day workshop on "something interesting". I'll poll the team and see what would be of most interest. Aside from your TWS and NSO training I would expect that digital forensics would also be of great interest.

seanmac1904 said...

I would be "keen as mustard" as we like to say over here.
I have been steadly compiling all the tools from T of NSM for solaris
I was actually thinking about the logistics of getting you to visit Australia
maybe I could comvince some people to pay for you to come over to the left coast (Western Australia)
whilst you are here

cheers from Perth


Christian Heinrich said...


Can I recommend that you offer the selected class on the Gold Coast as a Tutorial at AusCERT2007?

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

I am from Singapore and will be interested in your training. TWS and NSO are top of my list. I second anonymous' suggestion on digital forensics. Just wondering how much time you can spare for training. That should be a consideration for you and interested people. Thanks

Kind Regards,

moonpie said...


Don't hesitate to accept the speaking engagement! The Gold Coast is absolutely beautiful and will be a great time! I should know, I grew up there ;)

Anonymous said...

I am a NZ based security specialist working for one of the largest managed security provider here and i will be keen to attend your workshop/workshop too if you do decide to come this way. :)

Let us know when you have made up your mind and i will talk to management to try to get approval for myself and colleagues.