SwitchProxy and Tor

I just wrote about Web Browsing with Tor. You might wonder if there's an easy way to switch to using Tor while running Firefox. I looked at the Torbutton extension, but then I found SwitchProxy. I like SwitchProxy because can you configure multiple proxies and decide when to use them.

If you click on the thumb image above you'll see me accessing a Hidden Service using Tor while I have Privoxy and Tor working together. Notice the URL -- http://6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion/

I can just as easily switch to my production proxy, or even import a list of anonymous proxies and have SwitchProxy cycle through them every X seconds.


Anonymous said…
you should have a look at foxyproxy. It's a firefox extension that allows you to tell firefox to use a proxy when a url matches or doesn't match a user defined pattern. Additionally it integrates with Tor out of the box.
Anonymous said…
interesting to see your increased concern about privacy. not that you've avoided previously, just a casual observation about many people focusing more and more on personal privacy. I too am concerned and looking for simple solutions in this area. I've often thought of building a small appliance to act as both a tor server/client and/or proxy. great for home users, not so nice for enterprises...
Actually, someone tried using a similar setup against me -- so I decided to investigate it myself.

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