Eliminating Serverauth Files

I've noticed an accumulation of files like .serverauth.NUM (e.g., .serverauth.626) in my home directory. After some searching I found this helpful blog post indicating that a change in X11R6.9 requires a change in the startx script I use to launch X.

orr:/usr/X11R6/bin$ diff startx startx.new
< xserverauthfile=$HOME/.serverauth.$$
> #xserverauthfile=$HOME/.serverauth.$$
> xserverauthfile=$XAUTHORITY

By specifying xserverauthfile=$XAUTHORITY we remove the need to create .serverauth files.


Anonymous said…
Well, I found the same issue on my Slackware box, and I did what you suggest on your blog.

Thank you !

No more thousand of files
Anonymous said…
Debian and Ubuntu have this problem too. I did what you said for my Debian box, and I assume it will work. Thank you.

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