Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Review of Apache Security Books Posted just posted my two reviews on books about Apache. The first is Apache Security by Ivan Ristic. Here is a link to the five star review.
The second is Preventing Web Attacks with Apache by Ryan Barnett. Here is a link to the four star review.

Both reviews share the same introduction.

I recently received copies of Apache Security (AS) by Ivan Ristic and Preventing Web Attacks with Apache (PWAWA) by Ryan Barnett. I read AS first, then PWAWA. Both are excellent books, but I expect potential readers want to know which is best for them. The following is a radical simplification, and I could honestly recommend readers buy either (or both) books. If you are more concerned with a methodical, comprehensive approach to securing Apache, choose AS. If you want more information on offensive aspects of Web security, choose PWAWA.

These are my 39th and 40th reviews of 2006. I should break my previous high reading mark of 42 books, accomplished in 2001.

Congratulations to Ivan for the acquisition of Thinking Stone by Breach Security.

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