Jaime Metzl Describes "China's Threat to World Order"

Props to LS for pointing me to this WSJ article titled China's Threat to World Order. I found the following pertinent for the "cyber" aspect:

Allegations that the Chinese government is behind the largest computer hacking operation in history will not come as a surprise to observers of recent trends in international relations. If there is one thing that China's actions across a range of fields have made clear, it is that Beijing will do whatever it takes to advance its narrowly defined economic interests, even if that requires riding roughshod over global norms...

It is no longer acceptable for China to claim global leadership in some areas but then pretend it is a weak developing country and shirk its responsibilities in others. A China that leads the world in the theft of intellectual property, computer hacking and resource nationalism will prove extremely destabilizing. If it continues on this course, Beijing should not be surprised if other countries begin to band together to collectively counter some of the more harmful implications of China's rise.

I think contrasting China with Russia may be helpful here. We tend to have more cooperation with Russia, even in areas of digital security; for example, see the work of the EastWest Institute.

After publishing the WSJ article, Jaime then summarized open reporting on China's activities over the last few years and published the result at China and Cyber-Espionage.


Anonymous said…
It's really a very very very very bad article without convinced logic and evidence. For nearly every country, one always be able to find some hacking operations, needless to say in the world-largest internet. China scientists also contributes a lot to internet security (for example sha-1 issues), they do not keep their research secret in order to hack others.

It's too bad to hear such voice!
Anonymous said…
Slip-up in propaganda film show attack software developed by a Chinese military university.

Anonymous said…
Jamie Metzl and USA monitoring many countries - my opinion it is not about monitoring - it is real spying process!
Don't by silly JM - we know what are doing!
Frank Najib said…
I think your article about China treats the issue of relations with China too simplistic. China has been a valuable partner in many instances. Also it holds more than 8 percent of US debt. Cooperating and slowly working with China will result in a mutual economic advantage for the US and China.
timmorison said…
This is totally true hat Chinese hackers anow worldwide famous. And there are lots of hacking news and issue you can found about the china in past also.

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