Impressions: XBox 360 Forensics

Next is Xbox 360 Forensics (X3F) by Steven Bolt. This book offers a lot of technical detail, but it seems to read more like a coroner's report than a guide for those doing forensics on the Xbox 360 platform. The author spends a lot of time documenting his analysis of the Xbox 360, but after perusing the book I took myself out of the role of scientist and into that of investigator.

An investigator (such as a law enforcement person) is likely to say "that's all nice, but can I read the suspect's email? Can I review his Web browsing history? Can I inspect the content of his instant messaging? How do I do that?" These are practical questions that do not really appear in X3F. Sure, the author tears apart the platform and its file system, but I don't see a way for an investigator to easily move from the current text to answering fundamental investigation questions.


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