Monday, September 29, 2008

Wanted: Incident Handler with Mentoring Skills

Previously I posted Wanted: Incident Handler with Reverse Engineering/Malware Analysis Skills. That article noted our GE Careers job posting (843369). We received several great candidates with reverse engineering and malware skills, but none in Cincinnati. Therefore, I am shuffling the positions a bit. The RE/malware person does not need to reside in Cincinnati, but now I need a different incident handler definitely located in Cincinnati.

The incident handler in Cincinnati should meet the following requirements.

  1. Strong incident handling skills. I want this person to be able to speak authoritatively and confidently when dealing with internal business partners. (This is not a job supporting external customers.)

  2. Strong mentoring skills. This candidate will interact daily with our Command Center personnel. The Command Center will be the 24x7 component of our Incident Response Center. This incident handler will need to be a mentor and coach for the Command Center analysts, although not their manager.

  3. Be an ambassador. This incident handler will be our in-person representative to two crucial groups: our Infrastructure businesses and our local IT staff. I need a candidate who represents our interests well and collaborates with partner organizations in a professional manner.

  4. Intermediate host forensics skills. We need a person who has traditional host-centric forensic experience.

  5. Introductory-to-intermediate log analysis skills. We need a person who can support others on the team who do log analysis. Experience with or intense willingness to learn Splunk is crucial.

To reiterate, this is a GE employee position in Cincinnati. Please apply if you believe you fit the bill. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Strange. I thought you were self-employed.

I fit the qualifications, but Cincinnati? No thanks.

Richard Bejtlich said...


Bejtlich Joining General Electric as Director of Incident Response

Bill Lynch said...

I'm local to Cincinnati and I meet all of these requirements as well as those of the original posting. I submitted my information this evening, so please watch for it to come through.