Bejtlich to Judge NYU-Poly CSAW Forensics Challenge

Dr. Nasir Memon was kind enough to ask me to be a judge at the Forensics Challenge component of the 5th annual Cyber Security Awareness Week, held by the Information Systems and Internet Security Lab within the Polytechnic Institute of New York University. NYU-Poly's ISIS lab is an NSF-funded lab and a NSA designated Center of Excellence that provides focus for multidisciplinary research and hands-on education in emerging areas of information security.

Anyone can participate in the challenge, which ISIS designed. (I have no knowledge of it, so I am considered "impartial.") Review the instructions on the Forensics Challenge Web site, and be sure to submit your analysis no later than Thursday 25 September 2008. I will not be able to attend the awards ceremony on 14 October, since I will be speaking at the SANS Forensics event that day. However, I will help judge the submissions.


Jamie Levy said…
I think only students can participate in the CSAW challenges.
Scott Burch said…
You are correct, the competition is only open to current undergraduate and graduate students. I checked with them directly.
Anonymous said…
i agree with that
Jolly said…
Do you know how much you will emphasise time taken to solve the mystery vs. completeness/detail of explanation?

Good question. In the real world time dominates all investigations. Since this is an exercise, I don't expect participants to operate like commercial investigators, so I would put the emphasis on completeness.
Anonymous said…

Dr. Memon is a great forward-thinker in security whom I've worked with for a few years now. While you're up there, I would encourage you to talk with him about his research projects - notably Fornet (if you're not already familiar).

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi Richard , i have a weired question a one want to be proffesional on the digitial forensics field which programming langaue you suggest him to learn ?
and can you post an article on your blog about the use of programming languages on the digital forensics field .


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