Three Prereviews

I am fairly excited by several new books which arrived at my door last week. The first is Security Data Visualization by Greg Conti. I was pleased to see a book on visualization, but also a book in visualization in color! I expect to learn quite a bit from this book and hope to apply some of the lessons to my own work. The next book is End-to-End Network Security: Defense-in-Depth by Omar Santos. This book seems like a Cisco-centric approach to defending a network, but I decided to take a look when I noticed sections on forensics, visibility, and telemetry. The author includes several diagrams which show how to get information from a variety of devices in a manner similar to NSM. I hope to be able to operationalize this information as well. The last new book is LAN Switch Security: What Hackers Know About Your Switches by Eric Vyncke and Christopher Paggen. This book looks really interesting. It is probably going to be my favorite of these three. I don't spend much time in my classes talking about layer 2 defenses, so it is cool to see a modern book just about that topic. I believe most enterprises do little with layer 2 security, so perhaps this book can improve that situation.


Anonymous said…
I'm really looking forward to your review of Security Data Visualization, although I might not be able to wait for it. It definitely has the potential to be a great book so I might take my chances.

I also have my eye on Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response with iptables, psad, and fwsnort, which is on Amazon now, but costs $50 which is at my limit. Hopefully by the time you or others write reviews for that one the price will be more reasonable.
Michael Rash said…
Hi Adam -

I wanted to mention that you can purchase the Linux Firewalls book for $35.00 if you go through my site. Just browse to this link, and then click the first link (the book title, which will take you to the No Starch discount page).
Anonymous said…
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