Air Force Cyber Command Provisionally at Barksdale

What a busy night. I just read Wynne taps Barksdale to host Cyber Command:

The Air Force Cyber Command will be headquartered, at least on an interim basis, at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne announced Wednesday while visiting Barksdale and the base’s surrounding communities.

Wynne is expected to offer more details about Cyber Command on Tuesday as the part of the Air Force’s Pentagon celebration of its 60th anniversary.

The command will likely be led by a two-star general, officials said. While four-star generals traditionally head Air Force major commands, commands with fewer members, such as Air Force Special Operations Command, have two- or three-star generals in charge.

Like the other major commands, Cyber Command will answer directly to the secretary and the chief of staff.

There had been some consideration that Cyber Command would come under Air Combat Command’s 8th Air Force, headquartered at Barksdale. The 8th oversees much of the service’s computer network defense and information warfare capabilities. The commander of the 8th, Lt. Gen. Robert Elder, has been the service’s point man for mapping out Cyber Command’s structure and requirements for training members and acquiring equipment.

Barksdale won on an interim basis because the Air Force Network Operations Center is there, although this AFNOC Fact Sheet mentions that the AFNOC Network Security Division is at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and the AFNOC Network Operations Division is at Gunter Annex, Alabama.

I think Air Force Cyber Command will be permanently based in San Antonio (to leverage AFISR Agency) or potentially a base near DC, to facilitate coordination with Ft Meade.

I am really looking forward to attending Victory in Cyberspace, hosted by the Air Force Association:

The Eaker Institute will release a report “Victory in Cyberspace” and host a panel discussion about the Cyberspace domain at 1 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 9, at the National Press Club...

This Eaker Institute Panel will discuss how cyberspace should become equal with air and space in the Air Force’s mission set and how that affects the airman’s profession and the nation’s security priorities. Participants include Lt. Gen. Elder, who commands the Air Force headquarters for cyberspace, global strike and network operations, including establishing a new Cyber Command; Gen. Jumper (ret.), former Chief of Staff of the Air Force; and Lt. Gen. Baker (ret.), former Vice Commander, Air Mobility Command [and one of my AIA commanders].

I expect to hear more about Air Force Cyber Command on the Air Force 60th Birthday on 18 September.


Anonymous said…
There is a *big* push for this to be in Colorado Springs. For reasons that anyone who has ever been at AFIWC understands (read: non-technical, political reasoning, for those of you who have never been at AFIWC). The guys with the 40 inch zippers need to feel love too. ;)

They decided on the color of the uniform - so they are ready to take on some of the less challenging problems of international warfare now.

Thanks for that insight!
Anonymous said…
CO Springs makes sense, based upon other folks there. JTF and MD regulars already have a lock on DC, plus connectivity is what counts. Look at the fiber installs.

Curious to see how they deal with boundaries and distinguishing blue on blue engagements.

Anonymous said…
It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with the fact that Barksdale is going to be losing B-52s, the congress and gov will freak. So the only way to get them to accept cutting the B-52 is to offer the cybercommand.

Don't apply civilian common sense to anything remotely related to government. You will just frustrate the $@#423 out of yourself.
Anonymous said…
To follow up on my comment about the big push for it to be in the springs. This was reported a few hours ago.

They are already moving people out of a few buildings to make way. I haven't heard anything unofficial yet, but things are moving the Colorado direction.

(AP) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. The city is lobbying to lure Air Force Cyber Command, a growing unit that could end up employing thousands of highly paid computer contractors.

The unit, temporarily housed at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., is charged with protecting the United States from computer attacks while planning how to hack into enemy networks.

Colorado's congressional delegation has said the command should be moved to Colorado Springs, where it would be close to Air Force Space Command and U.S. Northern Command. Delegations from Nebraska and California want the command in their states, while Louisiana lawmakers hope to make the interim headquarters at Barksdale permanent.

Nebraska is home to U.S. Strategic Command at Offut Air Force Base. California has Beale Air Force Base, a highly secure facility that isn't far from Silicon Valley. Louisiana has offered cash incentives, including up to $50 million to build a high-tech think tank near Barksdale.

Cyber Command has roughly 400 uniformed airmen, though the Air Force expects it to grow. Authorities in Louisiana estimate a permanent headquarters there could lead to 10,000 civilian jobs, directly and through related businesses.

Air Force spokesman Ed Gulick said a home for the command should be picked by the end of the year.
Anonymous said…
All - this is still wide open. The base of this command will require not just connectivity, but proximity to high-tech industry, and easy access to good high-tech, science and engineering universities. New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, California, Virginia and Colorado are all in the running.

See this article:

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