Australia v China

My blog readers are quick. No sooner do I ask about Australia do I get a link to China 'hacked Australian government computers':

CHINA has allegedly tried to hack into highly classified government computer networks in Australia and New Zealand as part of a broader international operation to glean military secrets from Western nations.

The Howard Government yesterday would neither confirm nor deny that its agencies, including the Defence Department, had been subject to cyber attack from China, but government sources acknowledge that thwarting such assaults is a continuous challenge.

"It's a serious problem, it's ongoing and it's real," one senior government source said...

Australian Attorney-General Philip Ruddock is sufficiently concerned about cyber attacks to be spending more than $70 million to improve the e-security of government and private computer networks.


Anonymous said…
According to Zone-H http// and were hacked by "BiyoSecurityTeam" on September 11th, the day before the article...

So both the Chinese and American governments are using hacking. The US agencies are not caught because of noise from standard hacking activities, but the Chinese are easier to catch because the talented cyber army use official government IP's...

Does the huge number of defaced on zone-h have any interest, now that we all have found the Chinese government guilty?


I am fairly confident that government-sponsored computer network exploitation does not involve Web site defacement.

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