France v China

In United Kingdom v China I asked who would be the next country to announce it's been 0wned by China. Thanks to Benny Ketelslegers I hear it's France. He cites Maarten Van Horenbeeck who read the original French to say the following:

Agence France Presse has reported that France is the most recent nation to be targeted by what are probably cyber attacks of Chinese origin. The news came from Mr Francis Delon, secretary general of the Secrétariat général de la défense nationale (SGDN). He notes: Chinese origin, not necessarily indicating involvement of the Chinese military.

It's a veritable "who's who" of the industrialized world -- US, Germany, UK, Japan, and now France. When will we hear from Canada, Italy... anyone else?


Anonymous said…
We just need to get China and France to take each other out. Here's something to consider: which is more harmful to the US - France or China - when it comes to "cyber" attacks?
Anonymous said…
What's happening with China? I have been seeing a lot of hits from China in the last few of years. But now, with the latest attacks apparently originating from China, I have to ask myself. Is China trying to hack the world?
Anonymous said…
Has someone named Italy?
Anonymous said…
Matasano mentioned Italy a while back.
I'd like to see mention of the Italian government.
Anonymous said…
Since 2003 Sept, we have found first big scale intrusion event, the victim
is the National Police Agency, attacked by at least 2 groups of china hackers,
from HuBei and JianSu.

2003 Oct. Military Missile Plan Leakage.
2004 Jan, Executive Yuan 300+ PC compromised.
2004 Apr. Fake Official Dept. E-mail with Trojan found
2004 Sep. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassy compromised.
2004 Nov. DPP compromised.
2005 May. Big scale: Gov, High-Tech,on-line banking, Science Park(200+ companies compromised)
2005 Jul. Ministry of Foreign Affairs again.
2005 Sep. National Security council compromised.
2005 Nov. Military Central Command compromised.
2006 Mar. Legislative Yaun, Reporters compromised.
2007 Apr. Military Operation plan leakage due to USB data collect backdoor.

There are a least 8 China Hacker Groups. we call them as HuBei Jun(Jun for military troop)
ShangHai Jun, Beijing/TienJing Jun, GuoDong Jun, FuJian Jun, SiChuan Jun, JianSu Jun, SiAnn Jun.

What they want is to collect the contact list files (outlook, MSN ...) to build a huge database about relationships for future use,
from the contact list, hackers can send a 'well-make' trojaned mail to the others in the contact list, then victims
will trust the e-mail's subject and fake e-mail source, open it and been compromised. And, periodically jump back to collect the lastest
documents in all file types. Even steal your mail account to have a copy of your mail boxes.

(1) Organized: have principle, formal check-in/out time,
in our domain name (used by backdoor) observations, they start to work at 0700 GMT+8 Round 1, 1150 Lunch, 1400 Round 2, 1730 Take a break,
then, depends on group, have night team, to hack foreign countries.

(2) the Tools. not common seen in public Internet .
some hacker groups using the same military produced/purchased hacking tools.

(3) the source IP we sniffer from incident handling, can be directly mapping to military regions of China.

the story is on going everyday!
Anonymous said…
Perhaps New Zealand:
Anonymous said…
if all those accusations are true, i will be very proud of being a chinese.
otherwise, i'd say that those who made accusations are bloody liars!

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