TaoSecurity 2000th Post

This is the 2000th TaoSecurity Blog post. The 1000th Post appeared roughly two years ago. I started the blog on 8 January 2003, so in four months it will be five years old.

For roughly five years I've used this blog as a personal yet technical forum, but intentionally did not write about my workplace. I've blogged while working as an incident response consultant for Foundstone, a technical director for ManTech's Computer Forensics and Intrusion Analysis division, an independent consultant with TaoSecurity, and now director of incident response for General Electric.

I plan to continue blogging as a way for me to record my thoughts on various security subjects. I detest bookmarks since they quickly become unmanageable, lack context, and do not include my reaction or synthesis of the subject at hand. Since opening the blog to comments several years ago I've enjoyed hearing from blog regulars and plan to continue reading your replies to my posts.

Please note that I hardly ever engage in back-channel discussions regarding anything I post here. If you would like to interact with me regarding a post, please leave a comment with your thoughts, or a comment with a link to your own post on the subject. If you send me a question that requires any sort of thoughtful reply, I am most likely going to turn it into a blog post (with your permission to treat the matter anonymously). It's helpful to also remember my Personal LinkedIn Policy.

The only other forum in which I might engage in a running discussion is a mailing list. I mainly use email as a means of communication with family or coordination with colleagues. I do not debate over email.

The only blog-related issue you may notice in the coming months involves a review of old blog posts. I am considering revisiting all of my old posts for several reasons, so those of you who subscribe via RSS might see old posts republished. First, I'd like to remove or fix links to missing images. Second, I'd like to replace images hosted on my infrastructure with images posted at Blogger. Third, I'd like to add proper titles to old blog entries that lack that feature.

Thank you to those who have been reading for a while, and welcome to those who are newcomers. If you are not yet blogging, I highly recommend starting.


Marcin said…
Congrats Richard!! Your blog was one of the first security blogs I've started reading, and it's helped my learning exponentially, through reading your posts and discovering other blogs and articles you've linked too. Talk to you soon, -Marcin
Anonymous said…
Congratulation. This is my daily reading :)
Anonymous said…
I'm not absolutely certain, but I think you mean (in the 3rd paragraph) that you detest bookmarks, not that you detect bookmarks.:-)
Colin, thanks!
Anonymous said…
This is a great blog that provides a great service. Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
A well-deserved congratulations Richard! This blog is a daily read for me as well.

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