Review of XSS Attacks Posted

Very shortly should post my four star review of Cross Site Scripting Attacks: XSS Exploits and Defense. Observe that no one (, Syngress) displays the actual cover for this book on their Web sites. From the review:

XSS Attacks earns 4 stars for being the first book devoted to Cross Site Scripting and for rounding up multiple experts on the topic. The authors are synonymous with attacking Web applications and regularly share their vast expertise via their blogs and tools. However, XSS Attacks suffers the same problems found whenever Syngress rushes a book to print -- nonexistent editing and uneven content. I found XSS Attacks to be highly enlightening, but I expect a few other books on the topic arriving later this year could be better.

Thanks to Syngress I have review copies of Snort Intrusion Detection and Prevention Toolkit and Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow, which I plan to read soon. More late nights in my future...


Anonymous said…
firstly, this comment in not exactly related to the post, sorry about posting it here.

I have been browsing through your blog and have a question regarding a very old post of yours titled "Security 101 Book" @

You wrote "...They also correct state the risk equation as "risk = threat X vulnerability X asset value.""

With 4(?) years since you posted that, what do you think about the the risk equation looks like? I have also read your other related posts (the ones on MS threat modelling).

With all the ambiguity about definition of threat, vulnerability et at, i would like to know your thoughts about what a risk equation (may) look like.

I am of the opinion that the the Risk = Asset Val x Threat x Vuln is fine, it needs to be made more granular.

- es
Hi es,

I'm going to duck that question for now since it's a big issue. HOWEVER, I may be writing a book with Lance Spitzner on risk that will directly address it.
Anonymous said…
Okay. I have been struggling with arriving at a practical, usable et al methodology for Risk Analysis.

One method I found interesting, but am evaluating is FAIR @ . They have an interesting way of approaching risk analysis.

Look forward to hear an announcement on your book with Lance :)

- es (Etaoin L Shrdlu)
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
I am passing along that coincidentally enough, chapter 3 of this book is no longer the sample chapter on the Syngress web site. Of chapter 3, your wrote:

"... ch 3 is the best written part of the book. In fact, the author of ch 3 should have written the entire book. ... Lucky for non-book-buyers, Syngress posted ch 3 for free on their Web site."

It has been replaced by Chapter 1, of which you commented:

"I think ch 1 should be completely dropped."

The Syngress page:

Oh well.

Thanks for all of your great work and information.


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