Two Pre-Reviews

I'd like to mention two books that publishers were kind enough to send me recently. I plan to read these during upcoming flights or as part of my new, structured reading regimen that will accompany my plans for the second half of 2007. The first book is Windows Forensic Analysis Including DVD Toolkit by Harlan Carvey. I expect to learn a lot about Windows forensics reading this book. I do not perform host-based forensics regularly so I think Harlan's experience will be appreciated. The second book is Practical Packet Analysis by Chris Sanders. I'm reading this book for the same reason I read Computer Networking by Jeanna Matthews -- I want to see if it is a good book for beginners. The content of Chris' book seems very simple, but it might be just the right book for people starting their network traffic inspection careers. Incidentally, if you like the approach of using Ethereal/Wireshark to look at traffic that the author explains, you should look at Jeanna's 2005 book.


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