PowerLite S4 Multimedia Projector

This week I taught TCP/IP Weapons School, Layers 2-3 at Techno Security 2007 in Myrtle Beach, SC. I enjoyed teaching the class, especially since several students were repeat customers. Two were even alumni from classes I taught at Foundstone five years ago! Because the cost of renting a projector and screen from the hotel (and even from rentacomputer.com) seemed outrageous, I decided to buy my own. I purchased an Epson PowerLite S4 Multimedia Projector and Da-Lite 72263 Versatol Tripod Screen 70"x70" Matte White with Keystone Elim for use in the class. I was extremely pleased with both. In fact, right after I bought the Epson projector I saw it covered in a USA TODAY review, which helped validate my purchase.

If you're in the market for a projector and screen combination for less than $800 (or even $700 if you're not time-crunched, as I was) then I think you'll like these products.


Anonymous said…
Richard - this was a fantastic class! It is ashame that GE will have exclusive access to you now because every network/security admin should have L2-L3 taught in the detail you presented it to us last week. Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
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