Saturday, November 12, 2005

Presentations on OpenBSD Ports and More

Joe Stevensen sent word of two new OpenBSD presentations. The first is OpenBSD Ports and Packages, by Marc Espie. He takes some shots at the other BSDs, including FreeBSD. He's wrong about Python being needed to update FreeBSD ports. An article I wrote for the February 2006 Sys Admin magazine on keeping FreeBSD up-to-date doesn't use any Python, but it does require Ruby and Perl.

I do agree with some of Marc's critique, however. It would be nice to have package update tools built into the base system. Perhaps they could be written in Perl to avoid adding Ruby? We are starting to see new ports tools developed outside of the base now being added to the base, with Colin Percival's portsnap now in FreeBSD 6.0. I expect to see this trend continue because Colin is a member of the FreeBSD project now. (He's the security officer.)

The second presentation is OpenBSD Networking Update by Henning Brauer. OpenBSD is doing some cool work with OpenBGPD and I see now that OpenOSPFD is planned as well.


Colin Percival said...

FYI, a FreeBSD developer (sorry, I can't remember who, but he is usually on efnet #bsdports) is working on rewriting portupgrade as a shell script, and I'm sure this will end up in the base system.

Murali Raju said...

OSPF has been available on OpenBSD since release 3.7 ( 3.8 has a lot of fixes/improvements on ospf.


Murali Raju

Anonymous said...

Hopefully a long-term solution to patching the base system will also be addressed. NFS mounts to patch multiple machines (especially over a WAN) leaves something to be desired. Couldn't this be rolled into a distributable package somehow?

Richard Bejtlich said...

I should have mentioned that I like the ability to create packages without installing them in OpenBSD.