Monday, October 17, 2005

Useful Nmap Documentation

Today Slashdot notified me of an interview with Nmap author Fyodor. I found it interesting that Fyodor makes a living through Insecure.Com LLC, whose "primary business is licensing Nmap technology for inclusion in commercial products." I also learned he is working on a book on Nmap, and he "only [has] a couple chapters left to draft." Apparently the new Nmap man page is an excerpt from this book.

By reading Slashdot comments, I learned about James Messmer's online book Secrets of Network Cartography: A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap. I have not reviewed this book for technical content, but the table of contents looks interesting. Anyone who considers themselves to be a security or traffic analyst should be familiar with Nmap's workings. It is important to understand how all of the Nmap scans work and how they appear in traffic excerpts.

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Scott said...

I'd love to see a review of this!