Useful Nmap Documentation

Today Slashdot notified me of an interview with Nmap author Fyodor. I found it interesting that Fyodor makes a living through Insecure.Com LLC, whose "primary business is licensing Nmap technology for inclusion in commercial products." I also learned he is working on a book on Nmap, and he "only [has] a couple chapters left to draft." Apparently the new Nmap man page is an excerpt from this book.

By reading Slashdot comments, I learned about James Messmer's online book Secrets of Network Cartography: A Comprehensive Guide to Nmap. I have not reviewed this book for technical content, but the table of contents looks interesting. Anyone who considers themselves to be a security or traffic analyst should be familiar with Nmap's workings. It is important to understand how all of the Nmap scans work and how they appear in traffic excerpts.


Scott said…
I'd love to see a review of this!

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