Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bejtlich Quotes in Sourcefire Acquisition Story

Eric B. Parizo mentioned me in his story Snort users fear future under Check Point. One of the quotes appears as follows:

Richard Bejtlich, principal with Washington, D.C.-based consultancy Tao Security, said many fail to realize just how expensive it is to support a product like Snort.

"I've been to Sourcefire, and I've seen how many people they have working on the product and on signatures," Bejtlich said. "They have what seems like millions and millions of racks of equipment. I was surprised they were able to continue with Snort as they did."

That should say "millions and millions of dollars of racks of equipment." I obviously haven't seen millions of racks of anything when I visit Sourcefire!

Also, I appear to have been demoted at my own company. I am not a "principle" at TaoSecurity. My boss must be upset with my performance! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL Richard, we all saw your demotion coming since your pace of teaching, working, reviewing books, and writing is just unacceptable ;-)

I do have to chuckle at your own typo there too. I once received new business cards that identified me as a "Principle Architect." Perhaps it was a message that I was "Principal Architect" in principle only ;-)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a local Chinese resturaunt. When they first opened, they purchased lots of promotional items. Problem was, the name of the resturaunt is "Chopsticks". The swag company mis-spelled it as "Chapsticks"...

Anonymous said...

You've been promoted! Look at the article again.

Anonymous said...

The last blogger is correct - Parizo's article has been updated to accurately portray your comment/position.

But let's be honest Richard, considernig I have a little one on the way, myself, and I'm celebrating my first wedding anniversary this weekend, we all know who are the real Bosses of TaoSecurity - give my regards to Amy and Elise!
Sean C.

Sean C said...

Actually, now that I read the full Parizo article, I realize that Richard is being more than lenient in his blog concerning the quotes from another person quoted in the sane article. Notice the quote from Gartner's Research Vice President, Greg Young, - "...Young said the intrusion detection market has been in decline for some time...". Umm, isn't this the same Gartner that said IDS would be obsolete by 2005?,289142,sid14_gci905961,00.html

Now, per Gartner, IDS isn't as much in decline as being bought out for just a tad under 1/4 of a billion dollars! But, to be fair to Gartner, while Snort is IDS, IDS isn't just Snort (and to be more than fair to Sourcefire - Sourcefire isn't just Snort). But, I really don't feel like being fair to Gartner at this time.

Ok, again off my soapbox,
Sean C.
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Anonymous said...

Um, Sean C - they aren't paying all that money for IDS dude. IPS + RNA etc.