Saturday, October 08, 2005

New FreeBSD Web Site Launched

I like the look of the new FreeBSD home page, but the daemon in the middle looks obnoxiously large compared to the rest of the content. I'd much rather see Beastie small and somewhere else, preferably in a corner or on the community page. FreeBSD is an operating system for professionals; I'd like to see it treated seriously for once. On a related note, I found this interview with Scott Long very interesting.


Andre' - SemperSecurus said...

The new website is quite nice.. FreeBSD is an excellent OS. I can't help but believe that the release of 6.0 will help FreeBSD achieve much more widespread recognition.

Joao Barros said...

Although the design is quite nice, having my 1600x1200 screen getting unused by half is driving me nuts!
As the page is centered I have about 400 pixel wide white bands on each side.

jeraklo said...

I agree with Bejtlich. Daemon *is* cool, but overall page would look more professional to put daemon somewhere aside (maybe near "FreeBSD" logo). This way web page looks like some "wanna-be-cool-hacker" page no serious entity will take for serious-OS page. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the logo should not be there. The logo is not that great and the die-hards need to get over it. All arguements aside, it's not really a cool logo anyways. It makes FreeBSD look like a hippie OS to me.

My 2 cents.