Comment Verification Activated

Some idiot's comment spam bot posted over 70 "comments" to this blog last night. I am working my way through deleting them all. This is the latest salvo in an escalating battle which starting which intermittent spam comments several months ago. To try to reduce these automated attacks in the future, I've enabled comment verification. I hope it is not too onerous for those making legitimate comments. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Other than a potential mini-flamefest about how CAPTCHAs can be defeated, and how this hurts accessibility, there will be no impact.

By the way, I know of a great poker site where you can make money fast and refinance your way to better staying power, using a legal herbal supplement Dave Rhodes invented under the stewardship of Cantor and Siegel.
John Ward said…
hehe and you made fun of me for turning verification on :)

Seriously, I hate when they do that crap. But as long as it is profitable for companies, they will continue to do it. Until someone makes it unprofitable, they will always find new ways to spam...
mescane said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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