Thursday, October 27, 2005

Review of VMware Workstation 5 Handbook Posted just posted my four star review of VMware Workstation 5 Handbook. From the review:

"Steven S. Warren's VMware Workstation 5 Handbook (VW5H) is a great book for beginning and intermediate VMware Workstation (WS) users. It is well-written, thorough, and informative. Those who are trying to deploy WS for average home, research, or corporate purposes will find their needs met. Those looking for in-depth coverage exceeding VMware's online documentation will be disappointed. Still, I've been using VMware for almost 4 years, and I learned a few new tricks.

VMware's online documentation is excellent. Those seeking to install and operate WS will find most of their needs met reading VMware's free guides. VW5H provides context and problem-solving techniques that one may not acquire from VMware's documentation. For example, a new user may be unaware of the purpose of a product like VMware P2V Assistant. By reading Ch 15 of VW5H, the user will learn how P2V can create virtual machines out of physical systems."

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