Reviews of VoIP Security, The Internet and Its Protocols Posted

I refused to let April end without finishing and reviewing these two books kindly provided by Elsevier Press. The first was a disappointment. just posted my three star review of VoIP Security. From the review:

"I decided to read VoIP Security because I thought it would describe VoIP protocols and ways to secure them. The table of contents looked very strong and the preface seemed to meet my goals: "For one to truly understand Internet telephony, the reader must have a solid understanding of digital voice, telephony, networking, Internet protocols, and, most important of all, how all of these technologies are put together." Unfortunately, the book is confusing at times and is not an improvement over earlier VoIP security books. So-called 'reviewers' who write that this book 'goes heavily into explaining the low level mechanics of VoIP' reveal they don't read the books they purport to review."

Thankfully, I was very pleased to read the second book Elsevier sent me. just posted my five star review of Adrian Farrel's The Internet and Its Protocols. From the review:

"Adrian Farrel's The Internet and Its Protocols (TIAIP) blew me away. I read this book because it explains the Internet I know, but also how new protocols work with that Internet and make it different from the network I first encountered over a decade ago. Farrel's amusing yet clear writing style delivers a great deal of knowledge in a hefty hardcover. If you want to learn about the protocols that make the Internet work, you need to read TIAIP."

If you want to get a handle on the new protocols appearing in your network, like Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) or Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), you should read The Internet and Its Protocols.


Anonymous said…

This may sound silly, but I'm interested in seeing what your reading schedule is like. I have no where near the amount of time to read books like to do. I'm impressed with your pace! Do you do this as a part of your job?

Maybe I'm just really lazy when it comes to reading books...
My reading comes in bursts these days. I try to make some time for reading each day, if possible. I have less time for reading now that I am writing a new book.
Anonymous said…
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