Real Digital Forensics Cover Preview

Yesterday my editor at Addison-Wesley sent several cover possibilities for our new book, Real Digital Forensics. The choice we agreed upon is pictured at left, and can be enlarged by clicking on the image. This another book in Addison-Wesley's informal security series, like the recent File System Forensic Analysis and Slamming Spam: A Guide for System Administrators. All of these titles feature a common cover layout, with a photograph of some sort of animal.

We are in the initial review phase for RDF right now. Our editor sent a set of chapters to various reviewers, and they replied with suggestions for improvements. We are working through the reviews and will move to the copyediting phases once the necessary changes are made to the main text. Given the size of the book and the amount of copyediting and proofreading required, I believe RDF will appear on bookshelves late this summer.

I am still working on Extrusion Detection: Security Monitoring for Internal Intrusions. I submitted an initial batch of chapters on 1 April, and have to continue writing. Several of my contributing authors provided material that I included with the 1 April submission. I believe you will find these contributions to be innovative and interesting. We are aiming for a fall release of Extrusion Detection.


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