Red Cliff Article on Web Browser Forensics

I just learned of a new article, Web Browser Forensics, Part 1 by Keith J. Jones and Rohyt Belani of Red Cliff Consulting. This is part one of two articles, and it features a variety of methods to learn about a user's Web browsing history. Any time digital forensics appears in the news, it is often based on discovering a person's Web browsing activites. The Chandra Levy case is the canonical example.


Anonymous said…
I downloaded Web Historian and wanted try it out since I'm learning about information security and data forensics. It works quite well with index.dat files from IE, but it seems to hang when it encounters a history.dat file from Firefox. Any other users encountered this? Is it something to do with the .dat file?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your interest in Web Historian. It may be your version of Firefox that is causing your trouble. WebHistorian was created to be compatible with Firefox 1.0.1 and lower. I have not yet tested it with the new release that recently came out. I plan on taking a look at it later this week. If you are running a compatible version though. It may be a bug I didn't catch while testing. If so, please send me an email to with a better description of the problem and we'll do our best to get it straightened out.
Anonymous said…
yes, indeed, it hangs. it would be nice if it worked for FF 1+

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