New Book Pages

I noticed tonight that has altered their book pages rather noticably. Rather than posting a small book cover image in the upper left hand section of the page, they now show a large book cover on the right side of the page.

When I publish word of my book reviews, like this, I link to the book cover image. I figure I am driving traffic to through a link to their site via the book review, so showing their book cover image is fair play. With the new book page layout, how could I know what image to use?

I started by looking at the image link for a recent book I reviewed:

That produces the image above.

I looked at the new page for the Network Processors book and saw it used the following image link:

That link produces the image above.

Comparing the two URLs, I tried modifying the first link:

Wow, I just changed that image to show a 99% discount. by changing the PE27 to PE99.

Let's try a new modification:

Now I altered the size of the image by changing SCM to SCL ("Medium" to "Large"?)

There are a few other changes I noticed, such as moving the image around by replacing PE99 with something like AA400, as shown for a large image earlier in this post. I think I know enough to see a new large book cover image and convert the URL to suit my Blog review needs.


Anonymous said…
Richard, I definitely suggest you to read "Amazon hacks" (ISBN: 0-596-00542-3). It covers the image hacks you noticed and lots, lots more!
Thanks for the suggestion, but my reading list and wish list already commits me well into next year, reading-wise!

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