Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New Book Pages

I noticed tonight that has altered their book pages rather noticably. Rather than posting a small book cover image in the upper left hand section of the page, they now show a large book cover on the right side of the page.

When I publish word of my book reviews, like this, I link to the book cover image. I figure I am driving traffic to through a link to their site via the book review, so showing their book cover image is fair play. With the new book page layout, how could I know what image to use?

I started by looking at the image link for a recent book I reviewed:

That produces the image above.

I looked at the new page for the Network Processors book and saw it used the following image link:

That link produces the image above.

Comparing the two URLs, I tried modifying the first link:

Wow, I just changed that image to show a 99% discount. by changing the PE27 to PE99.

Let's try a new modification:

Now I altered the size of the image by changing SCM to SCL ("Medium" to "Large"?)

There are a few other changes I noticed, such as moving the image around by replacing PE99 with something like AA400, as shown for a large image earlier in this post. I think I know enough to see a new large book cover image and convert the URL to suit my Blog review needs.


Peteris Krumins said...

Richard, I definitely suggest you to read "Amazon hacks" (ISBN: 0-596-00542-3). It covers the image hacks you noticed and lots, lots more!

Richard Bejtlich said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but my reading list and wish list already commits me well into next year, reading-wise!