Monday, December 20, 2004

Review of The Hacker Ethic Posted just posted my three star review of The Hacker Ethic. From the review:

"I bought and read this book because I enjoy reading about hacker history and culture. When I started, I simply read and flipped pages, thinking I wouldn't find much of deep importance. After about 20 pages I was extremely interested in the book and started underlining the author's main points. By chapter 5, and especially in chapter 6, the author lost my attention and I ended up giving this book a three star review."


gabe anzelini said...

I read this book quite a while ago... I really enjoyed it, though I agree that the main points are over after the first bit. At any rate, it was fun to have my ultraconservative, media-educated, boss look at it and wonder. It is also the reason I am now salary and work the job instead of the clock. Most of the time, my wife thanks me for it :)

Serg said...

Interesting terminology " The Hacker Ethic " :)