Thursday, December 09, 2004

NetBSD 2.0 Released

NetBSD 2.0 has been released! The last major release was NetBSD 1.6, in September 2002. The last update to the 1.6 branch was 1.6.2, in March 2004. I strongly recommend finding a mirror site close to you. There are even torrents available.

I've toyed with NetBSD before, but never in a serious manner. One aspect of the system I'm anxious to try is the well-documented NetBSD pkgsrc system. There is an excellent Web-based interface to the NetBSD packages at While there aren't as many NetBSD packages as there are FreeBSD ports (~5000 vs ~12000), the NetBSD system looks promising.

If you look in the iso directory of the NetBSD FTP servers, you will see .iso's like "i386cd.iso" and "i386live.iso". The prefix refers to the machine architecture and the suffix refers to the contents of the .iso. For example, I just downloaded and burned the i386cd.iso to CD-R, to test on my Intel 32-bit systems. It appears to be a minimal installation CD. This README indicates the i386live.iso is a live CD, such as you might find with FreeSBIE.

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