Thursday, December 30, 2004

Review of Building Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF Posted just posted my five star review of Building Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF. From the review:
I was an early buyer of the first edition of 'Building Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF' (BFWOAP), but I am confident my opinion applies to the second edition as well. BFWOAP is the perfect book for anyone looking to build an firewall with Pf. Since Pf is now part of FreeBSD, NetBSD, and DragonFly BSD, this book will be helpful to anyone looking to use Pf on those platforms...

The author's blog indicates he is working on a new firewall book that expands beyond OpenBSD and Pf. I hope he is working with an established publisher to ensure his next book has a wider audience."


Anonymous said...

this is an amazing book! i ref it everytime i build a fw. definately looking forward to the new book.

Jacek said...

Thank you, Richard! I posted some more information on my blog.
My other blog has some additional information on my projects in 2005Q1.