Monday, December 20, 2004

Book Reviews and Citations

I am happy to report a few more satisfied book reviewers. First, thank you to security sage Rik Farrow for his December 2004 USENIX ;login review (.pdf).

Second, I'd like to thank David Bianco for his December 2004 Information Security magazine book review (published at David is the same David Bianco featured in this priceless 1995 newspaper article titled Computer Security: "Gotta Be Sneaky". In the article David advocates the importance of computer security. Unfortunately, a member of his audience disagreed:

"[Name censored to protect the foolish], a former naval intelligence officer and president of Agent Knowledgebase Associates in Virginia Beach, didn't seem concerned about on-line incursions.

'The security issue is overblown. How many people do you see using secure telephones?' he said. 'I don't see a need for computer security. Everything I do is public information. There's nothing to protect.'"

I'll let this comment speak for itself. I'd also like to give a shout-out to David's InfoSecPotpourri blog, which is updated very frequently with useful commentary on security issues.

Finally, it seems one of the SANS incident handlers has a positive opinion of my book too. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Your book is great!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a SANS Incident Handler, nor do I play one on TV...but I like your book, Richard!

H. Carvey
"Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery"