Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Help FreeBSD Foundation Retain Non-profit Status

The FreeBSD Foundation's new quarterly newsletter reports that maintaining non-profit 501(c)3 status requires donations totaling US$30,400 by 31 Dec 04. While it's technically possible to retain non-profit status without those donations, the appeal process "can be a lengthy and expensive ordeal."

Can the FreeBSD community meet the goal by donating via PayPal (click on the "donate" image)? I just donated $100 to the Foundation via PayPal, so the amount is no bigger than $30,300 now. If you donate, post a reply here!

If you're wondering what the Foundation does, the new newsletter reports that it:

  • sponsors events like AsiaBSDCon

  • purchases hardware for developers to write drivers, etc.

  • contributes to the performance cluster

  • sponsors developers to code SMPng

  • supports bringing Java 5 to FreeBSD

The Foundation seems to be taking a much more active and public role, which will be publicly visible in a new Web site on 1 January.

Update: If you do donate via PayPal, be sure to specify a "shipping address." The FreeBSD Foundation treasurer informed me via email that the IRS requires the Foundation to mail a receipt to every contributor. I neglected to do so, so I replied with my address via email.

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The Ecletic Toaster said...

FreeBSDom isn't free.... you have to pay for that freedom. Pitch a few bucks there direction. I did.