Thursday, December 23, 2004

Nedit: Simple, Mouse-driven GUI Text Editor

I don't install desktops like Gnome or KDE on my workstations, so I try to avoid graphical applications that have a lot of dependencies. However, when I write articles, I try to avoid composing them in vi. I find vi is fine for editing configuration files or Web pages, but I like to be able to select text with a mouse when composing large articles.

Previously I installed Gedit, a Gnome application that ends up carrying a lot of baggage with it. Today on one of my workstations I removed Gedit and as much else as I could using pkg_cutleaves. Then I installed Nedit, a great little GUI text editor with mouse support. While Gedit requires over 60 dependencies, Nedit has only 8. I recommend checking Nedit out if you need a GUI text editor with a light system footprint.

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