Thursday, October 06, 2011

House Cybersecurity Task Force Report Released

The House Cybersecurity Task Force released its report (.pdf) today. NextGov offers a good summary in their story House GOP Cyber Task Force Touts Industry Leadership by Jessica Herrera-Flanigan.

The report includes the following recommendation:

Companies, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and security and software vendors, are already conducting active operations to mitigate cybersecurity attacks. However, these are largely done independently according to their individual business interests and priorities. Congress should facilitate an organization outside of government to act as a clearing house of information and intelligence sharing between the government and critical infrastructure to improve security and disseminate real-time information designed to help target and defeat malicious cyber activity.

I would like something bolder, like the National Digital Security Board I proposed in 2006. Still, such a "clearing house" could evolve into an organization with the authority to investigate incidents, or at least contract an organization to conduct investigations, and then publish anonymized lessons and results.

I would find leading that organization to be a great challenge!


Anonymous said...

Has Congress not heard of the ISACs? Historical background here:

Anonymous said...

Richard, I think your old employer needs you!