Bejtlich in "The expanding cyber industrial complex"

Christopher Booker interviewed me and several other policy-oriented security people for his video Financial Times story The expanding cyber industrial complex. This was a different experience for me for two reasons. First, Christopher conducted the interviews via Skype. Second, you can see what appear to be the home offices of several of the contributors, including me.

One technical note on the video: I had some trouble getting it to play. To get it working I selected another video then went back to this one.

Thank you again to Christopher Booker for the opportunity to offer my opinions.

(Bonus points to anyone who can identify the box on the shelf over my right shoulder, on the lower left side of the photo.)


Chuck Vose said…
It's a boxed edition of Zorro!
JR said…
Similar, and related:
Anonymous said…
Would it be a Peter Norton book?

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